Thursday, February 23, 2012

a Soldier

This past Christmas Holiday my aunt snail mailed me a black and white wallet sized photo of my Dad from 1965. It was his US Army Basic Training graduation photo... sooooo I decided to take illustrating it for a test drive.

Given it was black and white, no Flag depicted in the photo during that era, and overall a fairly poor quality pic I had to roll up my sleeves and do some home work. I researched the uniform hues, my Dad's MOS insignia (Military Occupational Specialty... ie... his job), and other aspects in an attempt to breathe life and maintain authenticity into the final illustration. Admittedly, omitting Old Glory would have been more authentic however more modern military graduation photos have the Flag as a backdrop... so I decided to add it for color\detail interest.

Overall this was a very fun\special personal project. Hope you dig it!


  1. A lil extra curricular for lil ol' me. I love your art.