Monday, February 27, 2012

The Game of Thrones- pt. 1

The artists at Robot Entertainment used to have ‘theme projects’ over on the blog section. We did a bunch of different themes like ones for Super Heroes, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Fantasy, G.I. Joe, Clash of the Titans, and robots.

Our first theme for the Ten Ton Blog was a great source of inspiration for me personally. I am shamelessly addicted to the Game of Thrones series. I must have watched every episode at least 10 times. Every character in that show is so rich of personality and well thought out by the author.

One of the first things that came to mind for me was thinking of those characters in a fighting game, similar to a Capcom Street Fighter game, and that what inspired the tone of my submission for the Game of Thrones theme.

The hardest part was picking only 2 characters : )


  1. Looks cool Dave... I dig the "fighting game" approach you decided to take your submission. Very clean stylized illustration.

  2. Very nice Kube. Let's make that game!

  3. Sweeeet! This turned out fantastic Kube! I agree with Sluss, let's make THAT game!!

  4. Awesome proportions and style, cool stuff!

  5. I love how you had so much fun with this! I'm totally ripping you off next theme. :)