Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome to the Ten Ton Gorilla art blog!

The artists of Robot Entertainment previously had a blog on the Robot Entertainment site, ‘Art Bot Central’. But we wanted a space that specifically revolved art. That art will include the great stuff that we pull in a salary to create, as well as the stuff we do that no one in their right mind would pay us for J

In other words, this site will be used as a creative dump for the artists at Robot Entertainment to showcase their wide range of thoughts. We’ll use this site to talk about and showcase a wide variety of artwork. We will cover some of the art and the processes that we have followed to create the awesome visuals that go into various Robot Entertainment games, such as the recently released Orcs Must Die! Additionally we will post current artwork that we are working on outside of the Robot Factory, and since a lot of us don’t seem to have much free time… we’ll have ‘themes’ from time to time to give us a little extra motivation to post some new artwork out here. We’ll start that up in January of 2012!

A lot of us have a lot of history with one another and have worked together dating back to the early days of Ensemble Studios. It’s a great group of really talented guys that I love working with and get inspired by every day, and I look forward to us sharing some of that creativity with you. We will be showcasing everything from concepts, models, environments, characters, to animations, so we hope you guys enjoy the site!

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