Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Making of the comic book for OMD!

Previous post for the Cover Artwork

If you read my previous post about the process that I followed in creating the cover for the comic book, then you’ll already know the basic steps that I took when doing the cover artwork.  The only major differences when I did the interior pages were that I had to stick fairly strictly to a specific storyline and that in turn helped to dictate the direction that the panel to panel work would take.  Another major difference, and huge benefit in my opinion, was the ability to use 3D models to help maintain the look and design of our game’s characters.  I knew ahead of time that we weren’t trying to stray too far, if at all, from the look of our game.  With this in mind, I made a conscious effort not to push the style too far in any direction and made sure not to make it too realistic or too cartoony compared to our game.  In the images below I’ll show you how I used the 3D models in some of the panel work to stay consistent to the assets that we had in game.

These images outline the flow of how I put together some of the pages in the book.   
1                     This picture is very loose sketch of some of my initial ideas when I wanted to portray some of the various minions that aid the War Mage in Orcs Must DIE!
2                     In the next picture I swayed from the first thought and decided to go with some of the female Weavers in the top panel and have a larger panel on the bottom to showcase the Palidins and the Archers.  For the second panel I decided to use some of the 3D assets that we had to create some cool poses and to maintain consistency.
3                     Here I basically just drew overtop of the models for panel 2 and for the 1st panel I had some fun creating my own versions of the Weavers.  I added a subtle background behind the characters on panel 2 as well.
4                     After some feedback and discussion I made some changes to the Weavers and ‘inked’ in some darker lines to make some areas pop more than others.  I also threw in some effects in there to show some of the Weaver’s magic abilities.

While it was great for this project to use some 3D models, it wasn’t always practical or even possible.  In this example there were no assets created for other War Mages of The Order.  I had a lot of fun with this one because I was able to just go in and create various character designs.  The first 4 pictures show my process of evolving an original idea and composition then taking the loose scribbles to a more polished final look.  The 5th picture is the ‘inked’ page that was colored and used in the comic.

It was great fun working on this comic book, a lot of work, but all worth it.  I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it!

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